Beach Day

Still a terrible name, still doesn't matter. Beach Day is rooted in the ringing, resounding voice of Kimmy Drake, who's got the pipes that Bethany Cosentino's been searching for. The band's always rumbling just below that horizon, an unfortunate case as they've got a stronghold on sunny riffs, handclaps and sand-grit guitars that make you wanna pop the windows open at 60 and just drive straight towards the sun. Its all heartbreak, he said / she said and hubris but that's the beauty of Native Echoes, there's no need for furrowed brows and politics. Sometimes its best to just keep things simple, sweet and instantly replayable. It’s a doo-wop record with dirt in its teeth and for that you can be grateful. There are still a scant few days of hangover summer left and the wise bet's on a boombox and a copy of Beach Day. Hell, even if it gets cold, there are more than a few tracks here that wrap tight like a favorite hoodie. Find time to savor it.


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