Andy Stott

Stott's always been a master of gathering clouds, forcing menace to the surface in small rivulets that build to a storm. By the time the creeping dread is on you, its far to late to do anything about it. He gathers a new squall on Faith In Strangers twisting his way through metal shards of dub as befit any of Stott's past works, but there's also a renewed appreciation for calmer waters. Lingering icicle moments of anticipation that leave the listener waiting for the crush. It finds the line between violence and the salve without ever feeling like he's trespassing in either tone. As he has in the past, Stott utilizes the vocal collaborations of Alison Skidmore in both instances to add a sense of, not necessarily pop, but an ethereal, smoke bathed soul. Its an alternate dimension's torch record, battle cry and requiem all in one.


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