Relatively Clean Rivers - S/T
Long since one of my favorites, but unfortunately this has been unavailable for sometime on LP and appeared on some dodgy reissues (Radioactive I'm looking your way) but now Phoenix has a proper reissue of this Phil Pearlman classic. Pearlman was no novice at the
time of this recording, having done time in Beat of the Earth and the great Electronic Hole but striking out with his own band assembled to bring these songs to life. The album captures a quintessential piece of West Coast folk-rock and is well within the wheelhouse of Grateful Dead / Byrds / CSNY fans but should do well to pull in Woods fans as well (notably their Woodsist sublabel Hello Sunshine is named after a Relatively Clean Rivers track). The record is dappled in sunny West Coast feel with a very laid back approach on the recording. Occasional forays into psychedelic effects pop their head 'round but for the most part it hangs heavy into the sunset on the mountains, field hippy bent. There are a bevy of reissues of obscure 'classics' from the era but this is one that certainly measures up to the latter day hype.


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Thank you! I love this.

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