Purling Hiss

Flipping through the tracks on Weirdon, the scuzz and dense amplifier hate of Purling Hiss' early records seem like a completely different band. If Polizze cleaned up and went for a toughskinned version of indie rock on Water On Mars, he's gone practically bubblegum for its follow-up. Ok that might be pushing it a bit far but he's certainly knocked Weirdon into a pop corner and it seems to suit him just fine. The hooks ring up front, the scuzz trailing in the back or pushed to the sides. And there's a quick and dirty sheen as he moves out of the studio and to a more home recorded version of his new direction, which gives an air of the slacker 90's punk he's emulating rustling at the edges. Think more Guided by Voices ('round about Mag Earwig) guitar tones hung on Pavement sized hooks and you're getting close, maybe a little Replacements/Lemonheads twang for good measure. But despite all the aesthetic hemming and hand wringing, Polizze's laid down some of his best songs yet, certainly a fair chunk of Weirdon will stick in your head more than his S/T debut or Hissteria. It’s nice to see him grow into these pop shoes and really tug at those 90's impulses that just feel like home.


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