Earth's second coming has brought with it a bleak landscape full of burnt hills and meditative guitars reveling in the dust of dessication. With their latest, Primitive and Deadly, Earth return to the roots of their metal lore and push things forward with a harder edge than they've displayed in years. There's still the molten, slow creep of dread that's always accompanied them, but now that dread has larger teeth and a certainty to bite. Also sweeping in with the changes on the new album are the presence of vocals, a rarity if there ever was one within Earth's catalog. Mark Lanegan and Rabia Shaheen Qazi shape two tracks on the album into, if not necessarily traditional songs, certainly something approaching a more familiar structure than the crushing instrumentals they've made their legend. But no fear, those changes don't diminish the power and heft that sweep in with Earth's nuclear winter, and Primitive and Deadly remains true to its title, a primordial growl with the fangs to back it up.

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