Bitchin' Bajas

Bitchin Bajas return to the fold with another LP for their adopted home at Drag City, who are quickly fortifying their stronghold on the psych spectrum. As usual Cooper Crane and co make music of the drop out vibration and with a self-affirming self-titled 2xLP they prove that they're some of the best running the meditative channel. Buzzing synths as usual but the band have taken things to a whole new plateau and the album strings together in an endless haze that approaches a nirvanic quality, taking the band from simply analog wizards and pushing further into a blissful elegance that's hard to ignore. Perhaps some of this also comes from the band branching out of their synth comfort zone to supplement their tones with a swath of bells, field recordings and mystic vapor that locks listeners deep into the ether for a rabbit hole of psychedelic surge. DC have even put out a cassette version that comes with two sidelong "relaxation" versions of the tracks, which, given their original state means you better lock on the headphones and prepare for coma status.


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