Not to be confused with the sometimes moniker of James Jackson Toth, Wand are an LA four piece that have landed themselves (with damn good reason) on Ty Segall's imprint God? records. Its easy to see how the West Coast Kingpin would have a soft spot for these garage-psychers and his influence is all over their debut record, Ganglion Reef. There's plenty of fuzz here, and more than a few of those crunchy breakdowns their tourmate/label head seems to favor but over the course of the record it becomes apparent that the band are reaching for more cosmic heights; and an infusion of acoustic touches, synth float and gently faded production lodges this somewhere between Morgan Delt and Tame Impala on a shoestring territory. The band seems to have themselves a few moves behind the general psych-pop aesthetic and their catchy riffs and a bevy of interesting changes keeps this from becoming merely Instagram psych (choose a filter, press record). Certainly a strong debut and with the band opening for Ty on his upcoming tour, it would seem there’s much more to hear from these guys in the near future.


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