Ty Segall

What can I say about Ty Segall that hasn't already been said here? The man's a beast, a behemoth, a towering force that never seems to flag, tire, expire or sleep for that matter. Off a year that boasted touring, producing, a solo album and a stint with the black magik warriors Fuzz, Segall returns again with a new LP that's double wide and packed with the seemingly impossible task of containing some of his best material yet. Taking the tempos up from the low temperature sway of Sleeper, his latest jumps back into higher gear while seemingly incorporating every demon he's been working out the past year. Double-tracked acoustics fight with the aluminum squall bite of static. Extended breakdowns pummel the kit with classic rock appeal. Slow burn choruses fight with wide-splashed pop touches from strings to keys and atop all this beauty and din is the sinister/sweet croon of Segall proving that he's a man at the top of his game. Manipulator feels so cohesive in its incorporation of all the big rock moves it pulls off that it just seems a wonder how Ty's never felt this giant before. If there's one album to add to the 2014 essential list (and there are many actually) this is definitely the one.


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