Martyr Privates

I'll take a Slug Guts connection where I can get one for sure, and that connection pulled me into Martyr Privates with excellent outcome. The Brisbane trio opts for the low-slung crossroads of psych and garage, finding the grind and grit in incessant grooves that have proven attractive to Black Angels and Motorcycle Clubs alike. Its a more refined prospect than the Guts ever allowed, not as chaotic nor snarling but its still got that knife-in-boot quality that keeps the listener on guard and the surrounding fumes toxic. Still there's an allowance for pop to curl in at the edges, as on album standout, "You Can't Stop Progress," which rollicks and thrums with a slide guitar led catchiness that's kept just in check by the road dust that's pounded all around it. Definitely an album worth checking for those favoring the current output of Southern psych, these three would fit right in on the Austin Psych circuit.


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