A while back HoZac put out a promising single by Cozy, wrapped in denim and packed with the edge of glam power pop that always hits the spot around here. Their ensuing album follows well on the promise of those first couple of tracks. Crackling like radio static between Slade cuts and the shimmy shakers from The Sweet, Button By Button is hard to put down. There's so much crunch and sugary pop that its hard to see how this won't crack you in half like a jawbreaker. Sure its locked in the '79-80 crux of power pop's heyday, but if you need to Groundhog Day a time period, why not keep things lodged in those sweet years when misunderstood love had a soundtrack that fizzed like this. Its easy to get over that unrequited crush that's been hounding your summer, just crank this beast as loud as possible and let the neighbors complain. You'll feel better. And isn't that the whole point?

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