Despite the definitive, career spanning suggestion of the title, The Late Great Wireheads is the debut album from the Adelaide band. Lead by the twin forces of Dom Trimboli's pained howl and Tom Spall's often equally pained fiddle, the group plows through a kinetic and utterly messy brand of Aussie garage punk. Though the band might owe more to The Fugs than the Stooges in their delivery the record still comes across with a forceful kick to the jaw that warrants a stand at attention. The fiddle is by no means an indicator of this being a country romp, Spall plays it like a secret weapon, adding textures like a synth in some places and tearing it like a guitar solo elsewhere. The band layers on some flute winding through the waters but it all ends up more frenetic and chaotic than the individual components might lead on. The squall revs like an engine's cylinder on more than one occasion, pushing tracks into a din that seems impossible to escape from but Wireheads always return to some sort of melodic resolution. Its country rock as played by an outlander's perspective, soothing balm to a soul that can't be calmed, folk songs fueled by chewing gravel and crude oil. Needless to say, you should be looking into them.


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