White Fence

I'm returning once again to the Tim Presley fold. It’s been a while actually and I hadn't realized until really digging into this one, but aside from the collab with Ty Segall it’s been since that magical debut that White Fence has appeared here. Perhaps it’s the renewed involvement of Segall here that makes the difference. After the unedited bloat of Family Perfume Vol. 1&2, Is Growing Faith and a promising (but still not quite there) turn round the bend on Cyclops Reap, Presley ditches his home recorded digs for a studio and the guiding force of Ty in his corner. Truthfully, it seems that's just what was needed to get the sparks humming and the psych-pop glowing. There will forever be a Syd Barrett hangover associated with White Fence but here the arrangements are warm and inviting in a way that paisley pop really needs to succeed, heavy with lavender and lilac and begging like a meadow to just lie back and let the songs waft over you. The hooks are more plentiful than they've ever been but never over bearing, this being psych-pop after all, they float into view like oil and light, striking just the right patterns in bold and fascinating colors. He's a prolific son of a bitch but sometimes that just makes the bright spots all the brighter, file this one on the necessary shelf next to yer copy of Tim and Ty's Hair.


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Blogger r▲incloudz said...

His last album was called Cyclops Reap and it was fucking awesome!! Especially for an album that was initially intended to be a b-sides album.

4:34 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...

oops that's actually a typo. Sometimes spellcheck gets the better of me in the mornings. Yeah its a decent album as I say, but I feel like this is his first real step forward since Hair. The songs are always there, its just he hasn't made a real stylistic change until now. Its good to hear him change it up.

9:22 AM  

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