The Deep Freeze Mice - The Best Of 1979 - 1989
Night People shine a light on underground UK/DIY act The Deep Freeze mice, culling the best of their ten album career with the help of guitarist/vocalist Alan Jenkins. The band bubbled
under the surface but gained some fame popping up in the legendary Nurse With Wound list. Their albums wandered the map from the post-Bowie hangover of My Geraniums Are Bullet Proof to the creeping dread and Gong-style plunk of The Gates of Lunch. The band's albums are all now quite sought after collector's items, showing up in small numbers on their own labels Mole Embalming and Cordelia Records. They had a way of blending psychedelia, politics and bent forms of post-punk into a stew that seemed wholly their own and as such its nice to finally have a retrospective of the band's long career on hand. It'll turn up as an LP on Night People's venerable stable mid-July accompanied by the distinctive Shawn Reed Cover art that's made the label one of the most collectible since Sacred Bones.


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