The Allah-Las

After seeing the Allah-Las in action last year at Brighton's Great Escape and hearing what has to be their catchiest single to date, the breezy garage swinger "Every Girl," this one was met with some anticipation. Produced by Nick Waterhouse (who has his own pretty great nugget from 2014) the album locks them right back into the summer of '67, jangling their way through a Byrds meets Shadows of Night vibe that suits them well. The only downside to the album seems to be the reliance on instrumentals, breaking the album up with 60's library bits that lean heavy on The Ventures vibes but sometimes drag on a bit longer than they need to. Still its no sophomore slump, the band still embodies a California cool and a stuck in time quality that's perfect for summer drives and Tiki cocktail nights. Its the stuff of 80's surf montages and 60's beach blanket bonfires. You've heard it before but that never stops the vibe from putting a smile on your face.


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