Silverhead - Silverhead
Its been too long a stretch since this space honored some glam and this one's an essential link in the chain between the hard rock pummel and glam rock swagger of the mid 70's. The band predated the real rise of glam, releasing this diamond crunched
debut in 1972 to little acclaim. They opened for plenty in the hard rock circle but they seemed to fuse the outsized personalities of Marc Bolan and Alice Cooper with the dirty rock crunch of Slade and Geordie. The band signed to Deep Purple's label Purple Records but the larger band's success and support did little to raise their profile, which is a shame because they have just as many moves as many of the other gems littered among the glitter of the glam movement. They issued a sophomore follow-up to this but it did just about as well and the band split shortly thereafter. Still their reverberations can be felt in glam and hair bands that followed, from the big-riffin' pouts of The New York Dolls to the satin punch of Hanoi Rocks. Most members went on to some level of fame, ranging from front man Robert DeBarres appearance at Live Aid with The Power Station to, probably most notably, bassist Nigel Harrison joining Blondie. Still, this debut stands as a gem that time forgot, but well worth looking up.


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