Lewis - L’Amour
There can be a lot of slack thrown on the Internet age for devaluing music but there's a strange alternate current that allows some real gems to come to light from obsessive collectors feeling the need to share their odd discoveries with the world. Lewis' lone LP is just
such a discovery, a private press with little to no information available save for speculation and a dedication to Christy Brinkley on the original sleeve, but it was passed from collector to blogger and eventually found its way to Light in the Attic. The label has given it a second life and now Lewis' Arthur Russell meets Nick Drake vibes drip from the grooves of an LP yet again. The record has a cloudy countenance, hushed and weirdly at odds with the tales of the artist blowing into town in L.A. with a model on his arm, recording the LP and blowing town without ever paying any bills. That story fits several genres of players but a sensitive troubadour with a smoked honey delivery isn't necessarily one of them. This sounds like the kind of private press record made by a shut-in on four track in an underpaid apartment, not the work of a playboy grifter. But maybe that makes it more intriguing, maybe it doesn't matter at all who Lewis was. Maybe these tracks just stand on their own. Judge for yourself, it worth pulling up a bottle of wine and a hushed moment to let these subtle bits of soul sink in.


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