Cy Dune

Following on his EP from last year, Akron/Family's Seth Olinsky continues his Cy Dune offshoot with a quick turn, three-day LP for his own Lightning Records. The album isn't as scorching as the songs from No Recognize but its retains the EP's same spirit of hipslung rock that burns with a kind of badlands energy and further strips away the cosmic psych of the Akron's latter jam leanings. The songs on Shake are quick and dirty and meant to be nothing but. They're fuzzed and rolled in the sand for a grit that sticks in the teeth long after the last notes have wrung themselves from the air. It’s a primal stomp, which seems to be exactly what Olinsky is going for with the project. The tracks are an intermission of sorts between the EP and a forthcoming full length, Desert. Snack or no, its worth digging into Shake's primitive pummel and unwieldy crunch for a few spins. Though this makes me pretty eager to see what's on tap for that formal LP.


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