The Shivvers - The Shivvers
Been waiting for this one to come in the mail for some time, but more to the point for someone to reissue the work of Milwaukee's sorely underrated Shivvers on vinyl for ages. Thankfully, Sing Sing Records comes to the rescue of one of power pop's most strident
voices. The band was mostly known for their sweet and bouncy song "Teen Line," one of the genre's essential tracks, but also for straddling the lines between New Wave and punk while ending up more in the ranks of The Raspberries, Nick Lowe and Big Star. Aside from her breezy, jangling songwriting the band stood out on the swoon n snap vocals of singer Jill Kossoris who grounded the band in a crystalline pop that provided one of the few examples of female fronted power pop. The band picked up momentum earning opening slots for The Romantics and Iggy Pop and subsequently began contemplating a move from the Midwest to the East Coast or West Coast to record an album proper with The Raspberries' Eric Carmen. The band worked on a move to Boston but Kossoris became ill and couldn't make the trip which began a splinter in the group, eventually leading to their disbanding. So, while the group have no album proper, most of the songs here were intended as singles and recorded as such, this acts as a great stand in. The fact that each song was intended to stand on its own merits means they all hit with the kind of punch that leaves a mark. If you're unfamiliar, its about time you get acquainted with The Shivvers.


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