Low Life

Aussie three-piece Low Life recorded this in 2011 but setbacks sidelined the release until recently with some help from R.I.P. Society (seriously why are you not paying attention to R.I.P. Society?). The record is a brutal slash and bash that smacks of fellow South Hemi heavies Constant Mongrel but with a bit more life breathed into the seams. The LP plays out like a litany of excess, recounting tales of gambling, football, drugs, sex, Rhianna (seriously) and life on the constant shit end of the stick played out over the kind of brutal sonic assault that deserves those themes. There seem to be few sunny days in the scope of Dogging but that's ok, sometimes its best to lean into the shit, just let it wash over you and accept that occasionally the only way out is to dig down. Low Life lives in the muck, revel in it and seem confused as to why you're not happy about it. They're unconcerned as to why the clouds have blotted out the sun. Who cares, its dark in this bar anyhow and soon the night will come soon to wash these concerns away. Its not often that a band knows just when to surf the negativity into a kind of burnt clean break, but these three are doing it well and you should damn well be listening in.


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