Dick Diver - New Name Blues 7"
Sometimes the best releases come when musical my musical interests intersect. One of RSTB's best of 2013 was Calendar Days from Dick Diver, a leaps and bounds bump up from their debut and just one of those records that seems to enjoy an
endless place on the repeat play pile. So it’s thrilling to see that the band's first true US release comes as a single for the fledgling Fruits & Flowers label run by Glenn Donaldson and Chris Berry, a couple of favorites around here as well. The single gives reason to be excited for any album on the horizon from the Divers, stretching out into a kind of lazy afternoon country that's still stuck with that sense of jangle they've relied on, but adding this lovesick bit of twang to the mix that seems to perfectly entwine with their sound. The flip is a cover of "Lonely Life" by Aussie 80's band Coloured Stone that seems to complement the original nicely. Pick it up below and cross a few fingers for a new full length from the band soon.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A new as yet unnamed full length from Dick Diver is in the can pending final mixing & mastering. Look for a late August release.
These two tracks won't be on it.
All new.
Joe Cool

1:04 AM  

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