Cold Beat

Grass Widow were always an RSTB favorite, so its nice to see that in their absence the band's Hannah Lew has a new project popping up on her own Crime in the Water label. Over Me isn't entirely off base from the sound that Lew pursued in the bounds of Grass Widow, its a thrumming bit of post-punk that gets delightfully lost in her combination of hazy vocals and introspective lyrics. The record receives a couple of production and mixing boosts from two familiar names around these parts, Phil Manley and Mikey Young respectively tackling the technical side of things here. The album is packed with a feeling of heavy summer air, the kind that's filled with a cold humidity, bringing both a light sweat and a chill simultaneously. Lew's songs are alternatively wrapped tightly around coiled spring guitars and shot through with a breathiness that's metered and patient; the two forces rubbing against one another and waiting to spark at any moment. In the end though its not the spark but the friction that proves the most engaging.


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