The Skygreen Leopards

For those of us waiting, and lamenting each passing summer that goes by without a new Skygreen Leopards album, the past five years have been rather long. Sure it hasn't been a dry well,Glenn Donaldson has released the Art Museums album and a few singles, Donovan Quinn's been busy with solo work and an excellent collaboration earlier this year with Ben Chasney as New Bums, hell they even eked out a one of for a Woodsist compilation, but its nice to see the old California Sunshine peeking through the curtains once again. Family Crimes picks right up where Gorgeous Johnny left off, still poking at the nerve of sunshine folk as seen through the heavy lidded eyes of daydreamers and soothsayers and doing it better than most could ever hope. The album is loose and unconcerned, drifting with the clouds and spreading an easy smile on the lips of the listener after just a few songs. Its the kind of album that lives in a mood, like summer air trapped in amber. The pair have been popping up here since the cd-r heydays of The Jewelled Antler collective and since then I've often referred to them as overlooked but perhaps with this move to Woodsist (as fine a home as any for them) it seems the right ears have been listening all along. They were never overlooked just cherished by those who needed a quick dose of sun the most.


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