Rat Columns

Another one this week for the Aussies, though to be fair Rat Columns' David West has bounced between San Francisco and his native Australia for this one so its got a leg in both territories. Produced by Kelley Stoltz, though skewing from his usual garage rock pastiche and featuring contributions from Mikey Young, but sliding more to the dream pop / jangle crux than that preface would normally entail as well, the album is a pink-clouded ramble through Sarah records territory with plenty of nods to the Aussie janglers that came before him. Young and West both wind up on this years' forthcoming Total Control album as well, so both have been quite busy; but that's not kept this from emerging into a hazy, drizzled pop album that inspires days in bed staring at the slow rotations of a ceiling fan. But its not necessarily an album for the mopers and shut-ins, there's a restrained hope curling under West's songs, a bittersweet ray that lets the sun shine in through the cracks in the blinds with a hopeful healing tugging at its core. The album arrives via Aussie powerhouse R.I.P. Society and its certainly another one to add to your wishlist for 2014.


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