Paco Sala

A favorite from early 2012, Paco Sala's debut was an ethereal, desolate synthpop album that posed a very strong debut for Anthony Harrison. A limited tape followed shortly after but its Put Your Hands On Me, the proper sophomore follow-up, that really brings the focus back onto Paco Sala's stunning, smeared mascara dreamscapes. The majority of Harrison's world exists in the moments, when overheated from dancing, a lone patron steps outside and night steams off of the top of the head in sidewalk/streetlamp repose; both unfathomably hot and refreshingly cool. It’s a clear child of trip-hop but without the cheesy trappings, just the icy soul that crystallizes in the center of slightly dubbed beats and foggy ambiance. That icy cool is in no small part due to the breathy, enveloping vocals of Birch, who remains somewhat of Paco Sala's secret weapon beside Harrison's slinky production. Its not quite humid enough just yet to really appreciate the sweat trickling impact of Put Your Hands On Me but once the humidity kicks in, a soundtrack to summer is born.


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