Outer Space

Outer Space have grown into a duo and with their move from Spectrum Spools to Editions Mego they prove that not only is their chosen moniker apt, but that there are no bounds on how deep and dark their exploration of cosmic sound can fathom. The two track EP, Phantom Center, starts off with the more rhythmic "Arrival and Assessment" culling in some Blade Runner vibes, dark and pulsing and with a foreboding chill running in its veins. Its a marked progression for John Elliott though not surprising given the final throes and direction of Emeralds. The flip of this is where the descent really begins, a cavernous spacewalk through the kind of sensory deprivation synth psych that Elliott has been known for. It seems that this is just a taste of what might be coming down the line from Outer Space, but as it stands the duo are proving that there's great reason why Emeralds and its offshoots line themselves up at the forefront of cosmic psych.


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