Featuring members of Woolen Kits and Constant Mongrel, Nun wraps in the creeping horror of John Carpenter with a synth punk force that's equal parts goth dance and demonic possession. They don't ease in at all on this one, opening with the scraping nightmare of "Immersion II" before letting in the synth twitch with first single "Evoke the Sleep." From there the record bounces through subterranean synth-punk, ink black and slowly lapping at the mind with disjointed images from 70's horror films, torn pages from the occult section of the library and foggy mists of spirit photography. Despite the dark shroud the band adorns, it can't help but pound the Gothic ephemera into a catchy pulse that inspires just as much dancing as brooding. This one's been bubbling up for some time now and its been well worth the wait.


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