Ninos Du Brasil

Ninos Du Brasil is the Italian pair of Nicolò Fortuni and Nico Vascellari, a duo whose backgrounds in punk and performance art collide into an explosive live show that attempts to capture the vibrancy of Brazilian carnival music. But that's all just explaining away the influences here; the album certainly has a glowing, vibrant underlay of propulsive drums that can't help but invoke some movement amongst listeners but there's also a crisp techno minimalism that feels at odds with the vibrancy of some of the rhythms. Its often like constantly flipping a switch between throwing a party in a museum and looking at pictures of street parties on the walls of a museum. The record feels academic but only until the walls of constraint seem to tumble around the Ninos and a diorama of chaos erupts through the speakers, whisking away any concerns for analysis for the moment. Hospital Productions has a habit of picking thinking person's records for their roster but this time they've found a good balance between what sounds good on paper and what sounds good in the crowd.


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