Seems like a no brainer this one would end up here. Eastlink have roots with Aarght Records and this one is popping up on In The Red for a US release. The band's roster includes members of Total Control and UV Race. Plus, their dirtcaked repetitious punk hits square in the RSTB heart like Slug Guts covering The Fall. The record is brittle and battled on the uptake, right through the break of "Dinnerchat" which slows things down to a murky psychedelic crawl through the Australian desert, blurred like heatstroke and sunburn. Then the record picks back up for another dose of primordial pummel that peaks with the city leveling power of "Overtime." Like so many records coming from their region these days, it’s not easy to pin to the wall. There's plenty to love for the jagged punk hedonists and just as much for the noise addled zone out crowd as well. The testament to Eastlink resides in their ability to stitch the two styles of squall together into a caustic tapestry of storm-clouded chaos.

(note: not sure why this is labeled "Mosquito" on their Soundcloud. Its called "Overtime" on the album.)

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