The Murlocs

Despite numerous setbacks, including a stolen laptop that required the rerecording of several songs from Loopholes, The Murlocs finally have a debut ready and shipping for King Gizzard's Flightless Records. The album's found an apt home, with the band meshing well with their hosts' low slung soul-blues fire. There's darkness and aimlessness fighting for control of the stick on the album but both feelings are amiably pushed by Ambrose Kenny-Smith's shredded steel wool howl and in the end its more about the dark shadows the band throws than the messages they're trying to convey. Loopholes is a vibe, a cool cinder block basement temperament, an effortless swagger of an album; and despite the rather considerable effort that was actually put into its very existence, it remains better defined by the sweat left hanging in the air as the stylus clicks to a stop. The band has been building their sound through EPs and singles to this moment and it seems that for all their tribulations, it was well worth the journey to get to this stunner of an album.


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