La Piramide di Sangue

Berlin's Sound of Cobra finds another gem with La Piramide di Sangue, the seven-piece ensemble from Torino (Turin), Italy. Mixing a free jazz element with gritty psychedelia, the album mirrors their urban hometown's charred charm, fusing the old world aesthetic to a chaotic and dense pace. "Sette" fires on polyrhythmic cylinders in much the same way that psychedelic contemporaries Goat have in the past few years, but where that mysterious cult employes the scorch of guitars and African tribalism, LPDS taps into a psychedelic Klezmer vein that's more dark soundtrack and intrigue than blood letting ritual. The addition of clarinet to the simmering cauldron adds a lyrical texture to what's otherwise a very dark palette of twisted synth, pulsing percussion and a storm of bass.


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