Jook - Jook Rule OK
Jook's long and sorted tale has them rise from the ashes of The Kinetics and members of 60's nugget raiders John's Children to gain a record contract without even settling on a name. The band was christened Jook by a friend, drawing influence on the Jook Joint
idea. The band often gets lumped in with glam but its got just as many hands in the power pop and proto-punk camps as it does the glitter circuit. They fell in more with mods and Bovver Boys, which gave their shows a more menacing presence that would befit the teenybopper trappings of glam at the time. The band issued a string of singles that made some but not significant chart impact, leaving their live show to champion their legacy at the time. The band's label, RCA, cycled them through sessions with several producers searching for a glam hit but ultimately it seemed no pairing caught on despite leaving a trail of great tracks. The band was set to open on a tour with Sweet, but just as stardom seemed in grasp, Sweet frontman Brian Connolly was injured in a street fight and his hospitalization sunk the tour. That pretty much singled the decline for the band and they parted ways with members going on to 70's glam band Jet, some managerial work and others reforming John's Children in the wake of interest from Nuggets. This collection has found its way to CD prior but Sing Sing's got the whole thing on vinyl, back where they belong.


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