Jeff Burch

Jeff Burch has crafted an album of shifting sonic textures that brings to mind the quiet spaces explored by Mountains and The North Sea. Melding pastoral, slow fluttered guitar passages with the spatial drone of synth, the bulk of these two tracks ebb and eddy like tides. On the opener "The Nine Points," the push pull is almost nonexistent, with the track moving instead like a film; the sections fading, dissolving and occasionally cutting through moments of languid pooling quiet and tense, prickling static. The second track sprawls out just as widely as the first but builds itself on a loping, hypnotic bit of guitar that acts as a more propulsive and ultimately warmer base. This loop opens as a mesmerizing anchor through a good clip of "La Perouse," though it too melts away as the track gives in to a din of Burch's aural impulses, breaking apart into a sputtering middle before melting completely by the close. Both tracks are engrossing enough that multiple listens only open up new gems each time and this is largely due to Burch's skills but also the friends he's brought along, Stephen James (Songs, Rand and Holland), Tres Warren (Psychic Ills, Compound Eye, Messages) and Marcus Whale who lend percussion, guitar and sax respectively. It’s a strong debut and an essential for fans of Important's catalog.


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