Giorgio - Son of My Father
For those only familiar with Giorgio Moroder through his disco work or, hell, through his recent Daft Punk guest spots, then this reissue of his early work should come as something of a left hook. Moroder recorded the album's title track
which made its way to British band Chicory Tip, resulting in a UK hit and the birth of a bubblegum classic. Moroder's own version is here in its English and Italian iterations along with the subsequent bubblegum nugget "Underdog". The collection is a pure wealth of studio wizardry with some obvious nods to his impending dive into electronics but the interest stems from that edge of tech attitude being applied to the 60's garage/bubblegum ethos; a catchy, crunchy bit of hits that could only come from the warped mind of an auteur. Shortly after these years Moroder would, of course, help shape disco and carve out a production career that included some of your favorite 80's crystalline pop (Danger Zone!) but aside from just the documentation aspect of this reissue, it plays well as a pop entity on its own.


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