Amen Dunes

Years ago when the first Amen dunes record hit the RSTB desk I'd have never guessed that the fractured pop creaking through the cracks on Dia would have wound its way into the open, honest portrayal that Damon McMahon has presented on his latest album, Love. Working with members of Godspeed You Black! Emperor and Iceage on this one, the songs have certainly become fleshed out and showcase that singer-songwriter that was always lurking below the boards of a one-take troubadour aesthetic. It seems that McMahon slowed the process, took the collaborative road and let these songs form themselves rather than rushing to tape and that's been the key to Love's success. It feels well-formed, not over practiced, but rather littered wth a wealth of recording nuggets and production touches that spit shine the diamond that was always under those ragged pop tunes he'd begun turning out over the last few releases. Still that by no means infers that Amen Dunes has begun churning radio hits, but this one will sit nicely on the shelf next to some other sweetly fractured folk from 2014, like that Chad VanGaalen record and Dylan Shearer's newfound studio gem.


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