Alvarius B. / Sir Richard Bishop

Record Store Day certainly brings out a lot of releases that require a few sighs of "was that necessary" but amongst the mash of ill-conceived reissues and colored vinyl there exist plenty of great bits as well. Case in point, Three Lobed comes through with an excellent split from Sun City Girls alums Alan and Richard Bishop. The two sides of the release each go to a brother, focusing on their respectively jarring and mellifluous guitar styles. Its the first time that the pair have co-existed on a release since the Sun City days and as such an essential pickup for fans of their canon. The Alvarius B side shows off Alan Bishop's penchant for rough edged, short, acoustic shards that pick at the brain in uneven fashion. The flip sees brother Sir Richard stretch out in his typically pretty and paced acoustic runs, something he's been nailing for a long time so no surprises here that it winds up the more polished side. If you missed the physical version while avoiding long lines and pushy customers then its available at Three Lobed's bandcamp to brush up your digital collection.


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