Aaron Sheppard

Vin Du Select Qualitite has a reputation for snagging acoustic releases from some pretty choice guitarists. Sir Richard Bishop, Thurston Moore, Mark McGuire and Chris Brokaw are all alumni of their Solo Acoustic Guitar series and so it comes as little surprise that the lesser-knowns that the label pulls under its banner are unusually rather talented for artists with little headlines to their name. This same holds true for new series entrant Aaron Sheppard, a Bay Area native who mixes a deft picking style; mellifluous and rambling, with a keen understanding of how to wrap burbling brook fingerpicking into melancholy beauty. There's a rustled grandeur to the tracks here, a kind of stripped down pauper beauty that works its way through the cracks and crags of Sheppard's guitar and trickles out in streams of steel string bliss. Its easy to see how VDSQ saw something bright in Sheppard's work and if this is an entry point into his catalog then I hope there's plenty more to come.


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