The Skull Defeks

The Defekts have had a long history around here and with each successive release they've only dug themselves deeper into the weirdo framework of the world. Since adding on Daniel Higgs to the roster with 2011's Peer Amid, it seemed that things could only get darker and perhaps noisier, though against expectations his presence has lent a balancing factor to the group. They struck out to make their most challenging set of songs to date, and yet Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown has some of their more accessible material running through its veins. Though take that with a grain of salt the size of a festering tumor because accessible for The Skull Defekts doesn't necessarily mean that its summer barbecue fodder (well maybe not the way you barbecue). The album is, as usual, fraught with tension and urgency, scraping guitars and dark rhythmic pulses converging with the vocals of Higgs, Joachim Nordwall and Daniel Fagerstroem bleating out metered accusations and shamanistic curses throughout. Just the sort of dark Scandinavian storms I'd expect from a Skull Defekts record, and a perfect maelstrom of nihilistic twitch taking the intertwining of noise and post-punk to a new plateau.


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