The Fourmyula - Inside the Hutt: New Zealand's Pop Psych Kingpins
A huge chunk of New Zealand's flower pop past lies in searching out The Fourmyula's recordings. The band, one of few at the time that produced mainly original compositions, swung between garage pop swingers and psych
laden bits that wandered into some twee territory on their homey Green 'B' Holiday. The albums themselves prove incredibly difficult to track down in their original forms but this singles collection gives a proper overview of the band's journey from the early days of breezy tunes into Kinksian love of country and some early Zep / late Small Faces influence before they eventually call it a day. The band traveled to Abbey Road to record portions of their catalog, quite fitting for a band often referred to as the Kiwi Beatles, though their sound may fall closer to fellow South Hemi travelers Bee Gees in their earlier days. Eventually things like their trip to the UK would leave them broke, and discouraged their efforts just a bit, their last album even sat unreleased for years until a small issue in 2010. Though, they've gained international notoriety of late when their song "Nature" was voted the best Kiwi song of the last 75 years. Following their demise, the band's Chris Parry would stick around England and act as producer on works by The Jam and founded the Fiction label which would go on to become the home of recordings by The Cure and power poppers Purple Hearts. Other members would form the excellent Human Instinct.


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