Spirit - Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
Been a while since a Spirit album has appeared here and while the background's been wrought over at RSTB, this album stands out as a highlight in an exceptional catalog. Their debut gets its feet set with
ambitious orchestration and the beginnings of Randy California's songwriting career, their sophomore LP has the hit and the third loses stride a little but this, generally considered their "out there" record, is actually one of the strongest bits they laid down. Despite the psychedelic title and cover art, this is classic Spirit, wrapped in folk and rock bombast that's fleshed out with lush orchestration and some genuinely catchy hooks. Nothing comes close to "I Got A Line on You" in this set but as a whole, the album thrums with a vibrant activity that's the basis of any great Spirit album. The band is, it seems, always on the periphery of classic status but their catalog is well worth taking the time to explore.


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