Low Jack

Hypnotic dark currents here from French producer Low Jack, often known for intense house music and little else. This set was originally commissioned for the Quai Branly Museum of indigenous art in Paris with no actual intention of release. It was a onetime performance that saw Low Jack reach into the museum's archives and dig through samples of music from the Garifuna population of Honduras. However, following the performance the producer was persuaded to recreate it in studio form, having seemingly stepped far outside his boundaries of grimey dance and into some thing much more intense, haunting and chaotically immersive. The dancefloor left behind in most instances, this instead creeps down the corridors paved by Demdike Stare, Suum Cuique and Lee Gamble. Mechanical howl meets rhythmic stomp as these pieces chew themselves from the inside out, churning and chomping themselves to tatters. Its a welcome change for the artist and hopes are a few more people commission some works to keep his direction fresh.


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