Sometimes I say to myself, you know, it has been a while since a great Japanese noise-rocker came this way. And like that, Important Records comes through with a US issue of Gezan's 2010 album It Was Once Said To Be A Song, an album that surely missed a whole slew of Stateside folks on its initial release (including RSTB). The band tears things up with reverence to past masters Boredoms, Ni Hao, mid-period Boris and DMBQ. Its the kind of album that seems to glow through the crevices and practically burst at the seams with a boundless energy. The tracks shift gears in whiplash fashion, from heavy thrash to aluminum chewed noise spew, down to a crawl of psychedelic creep and back into gear with a boot to the chest that only serves to inspire the kind of pit flung chaos that lives in the live realm. The album comes with a hat tip recommendation to the Important crew from none other than Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple so if you needed any more of a reason to put this on your list of volume shredded essentials, that's it right there.


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