From The South

Time to jump back into some Aussie jangle-pop today with a record by Melbourne's From The South. The band riffs on a Paisley Underground vibe evoking some of the more countrified mooments in the E6 catalog (ala Beachwood Sparks) with some early R.E.M. ekeing through the cracks as well on Cool, Cool Memories. The record locks into a hazy summer vibe early on springing forth natural desire for some front porch listening as the sun dips over the horizon. The band skews further into those psych tendencies as the album progresses, even bringing to mind local heroes The Triffids on closer "Hollow Tree," which along with "Wrong Wit of a Nomad" brings some darker moments to this laid-back affair, adding shading and texture to an album that's more than just a sum of desirable influencs. This is largely due to the wistful mystery of Conor Hutchison's lyrics which come with a dose of shrouded poetics that dance around some eerie lonliness and weary charm. There's also just something about the record that amplifies with proximity, a certain secret warmth that shines brighter next to the speakers or seeping out of headphones so keep a pair close just in case as there are plenty of moments that send you back to drag the tone arm to the beginning for another listen.


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