Ancient Ocean

One listen to the longform cave drones on Wien and it should come as no surprise that the band has spent time touring with fellow vibrational travelers Expo '70. Feathered Coyote Records captured two performances of John Bohannon's project to tape and both are presented as each side of this cassette release, showcasing a solo show in Vienna and a duo performance in Brooklyn peppered with some studio overdubs. Dark guitar and synth float that growl and hum with the psychoacoustic crumble of sonic civilizations, each track builds to a tower of evil drone that threatens to consume the very room around it before dissipating into the ether and leaving behind the smoldering remains of an audience. Fans of Barn Owl and Expo '70 take note, this one is clearly crafted with you in mind. Pick up the limited tape before they dissipate just as quickly as the drones.


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