The People's Temple

The People's Temple are already on their third album, whew, seems like just yesterday that the first single was hitting the turntable around here. The band are all grown up now and their latest is a mixed pot of garage-soul-pscyh that thunders through the fuzz with the determination of a group that's found its footing and is enjoying the ride. Still yelping down the corridors left empty by 13th Floor Elevators and The Seeds for sure, but the band are certainly stretching their wings and roping in the more esoteric corners of their 60's pastiche. They've always sounded like a band out of time and Musical Gardens is no exception to this rule, but they sound as if they're playing around with the conventions of what it means to inhabit the spirit of '67. Always good to see a band growing into themselves and that's exactly what's happened on Musical Gardens.


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