Flashing like roller rink lights on snack bar pretzels and crane game prizes, Tacocat's sophomore album revels in a confectionery sweetness that can't help but lighten the mood in any room at least six shades. As with several of their Hardly Art sibs they mash punk, surf and pop into a layer cake that's instantly delicious, but these cat's pack a few more ingredients into the mix than just frivolous fun. Yes there are songs about magic eye posters and the Clueless referencing "Crimson Wave" menstruation anthem but the band also pack in a few good jabs at the male gaze and misandry along the way. Cheekily ragging on punk anarchists and "time pirates" alike the album's a welcome return to the 90's bounce n' bubble of punk that knew how to have a good time while poking fun and occasionally hitting the nail right on the head.


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