Kim Fowley - International Heroes
There's no lack of Kim Fowley dotting the posts on Raven but somehow one of his best has eluded a writeup until now. Since its finally gotten a proper vinyl reissue, it seems just as fitting that it gets a post. International Heroes is usually lumped into the glam rampage
(perhaps the cover's makeup pushes it over that edge) but its really at the periphery of glam. It has some but not an overwhelming amount of the trademark stomp n' swagger that make the form so frivolous and fun, but instead trades in a concentrated songwriting that's part Bowie during his transition from folk to glam god, part sleaze purveyor that's pure Fowley and part social consciousness that seems to belie the release date more than the maker. However all three sides roll together into an album that's tough, tender and provoking while still being steeped in some of the catchiest bits of the the Fowley catalog. It's not a record that pops up on a list of essentials as often as it should, given that Fowley's a love 'im or hate 'im type of guy but if any record might push you into the love 'im camp it would be this gem.


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