Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever return to the fold with another album that caresses the cosmic wave, blurring the lines between jazz and psych just a little bit more. Their mixture of synth and bass clarinet, already an unusual setup, is pushed to limits as the band move between the scorched rumble of labelmates Barn Owl, the disjointed scuzz-bop of Blues Control and a sci-fi burble that would carry well with Oneohtrix Point Never. Ultimately though they seem to open their own hatch on the universe, revealing the bubbling circuits below the surface; a technology out of reason and floating in perfectly serene channels. There are plenty working the synths these days towards the 70's analog model but Golden Retriever tap into it from a pure place and in doing so they come across with fresh ears. The album glows at the edges with a kind of crystalline charm, a familiar haze that's never lost until the album hushes to a close, just blinking lights in the distant echoes of space.


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