Whatever Brains

Currently on their third self-titled LP and this time the boys in Brains take the trip down a much darker rabbit hole, injecting their twitchy punk with a dose of inky synth-pop and driving negativity. The shadowed palette fits them well though and in some ways it feels like the band is just now hitting their stride. Brining their sound into focus, a touch of buoyed production amps the frantic energy to new levels. Ever ones to revel in their own oddity, their third album sees the band tumbling through a briar patch of guitar shards and gas huffing vocals down on an unsuspecting audience just here for the beer, unaware that Whatever Brains were here to fuck shit up with a dose of oven cleanser punk that makes the room spin at odd angles. Certainly a new chapter for North Carolina's finest and one you should seek out and put on full blast after the most trying days. It'll soak in better that way.


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