Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards

Truly and odd duck from Blackest Ever Black, a double shot of dub plated echo cake from the mysteriously monikered Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards. The band (artist?), shrouded in mystery, has cranked two looming sides of sonic float, anchored by a lonesome sax throb that works itself into a drone of thrum and hum on the A side that feels like a sunny day compared to the bleak electronic dub dystopia that evolves on the flip; the first side, here, acting as a kind of melancholy entryway to the filthy unease of the second. Their two divergent takes on the dub platform work well as a light/dark tug of war that comprise "elegies in dub: for the once great city of New York, and for one of its most celebrated sons." RIP NYC but welcome aboard Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards. Hopefully this bit is just the beginning.


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