The Limit - The Limit
Been catching up on some much needed power pop over the holidays and this gem reissued on Cheap Rewards falls heavily into the necessary pile. The Limit formed in New Orleans in the early 80's and recorded the tracks that would
comprise their debut 10" over '82-83 releasing it in a scant 500 copies. Though the release is anchored by the incredibly infectious "Uh-Oh" which bears more than a striking resemblance to the blueprint for pretty much every pop punk song from the late 90's (Blink 182 I'm looking in your direction), the release failed to attract major label attention and the band broke up by the end of 1984. Thankfully though Cheap Rewards have swung in to rescue their lone EP and packed it up with some bonus demos and live tracks to flesh it out to a full 12". Any archiver of power pop needs this one on the docket.


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